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What would a wedding be without music? The joyful tension before the wedding ceremony begins. The solemn entrance of the bride. Emotional moments at the exchange of rings. And of course the champagne reception, where the festive congregation congratulates the newlyweds: Our musicians are an enrichment for your wedding. We play from Bach to Billie Eilish all the pieces you wish. Inspire yourself and your guests and experience rousing live music from real professionals.
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Music for the Attunement

Before the start of the ceremony, our musicians can get the guests in the mood for the wedding. This item of the program is often forgotten, but it serves several purposes. It prepares the wedding party for the bride’s entrance. Solemn music foreshadows what will soon follow and the necessary tension is also maintained. The congregation listens to the touching sounds of the music and looks forward to the upcoming wedding ceremony. A beautiful wedding can also be celebrated in the registry office. Although some wedding rooms are not too big, our string quartet can show one of its strengths here: Due to the flexible placement of our ensemble, we can fit into any wedding hall. Even if it is not quite as large. And if you would like to have a smaller ensemble, we are also happy to follow your wishes: in addition to the classical line-up as a string quartet, you can also hire us as a string trio, string duo and solo violinist or solo cello.

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The Entrance of the Bride

The entry of the bride is certainly one of the most emotional moments in the wedding ceremony. Our musicians can capture the moment perfectly with a piece the wedding couple personally relates to. You can literally choose anything. Starting from classical pieces like the Wedding March or Canon in D by Pachelbel we can perform anything you wish to hear. It may be the song of your first date, or a ballade both your partner and you have any other special bond to. We are looking forward to make your musical wishes come true!

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The Exchange of the Wedding Rings

Before the bride and groom exchange the wedding rings we are often asked to perform a touching piece. This underlines the festivity of the moment and gives everyone some time to feel the unique nature of the moment. It is a moment that often brings tears of joy to the wedding couple as well as the guests. Of course we can perform our music any time you want us to. It can also be during the exchange of the wedding rings or after it.

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The Champagne Reception

Many bridal couples are having a champagne reception after the wedding ceremony. The guests have the opportunity to congratulate the bride and bridegroom and toast to their future. That takes some time, and nobody should feel the need to hurry up so the other guests don’t need to wait. Let us accompany your champagne reception and listen to atmospheric live music that let’s not only the time fly. Your guests can enjoy their favourite music and you can talk to your well-wishers without being in a rush.

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The Joint Celebration

Many bridal couples wish to commonly celebrate the wedding after the ceremony and champagne reception. The collective dinner is a wonderful possibility for that. Our musicians can perform throughout your whole wedding celebration. We perform any type of music in a fascinating way – from Vivaldi to Viva la Vida. We stand by your side with experienced advice if you need any help to find the most suitable music for your celebration. And we perform all of the songs and pieces you would like to hear. Contact us and let us inform you about all the possibilities you have with us.

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A selection of our audio samples:

The perfect music for your wedding? A perfect blend.

You are searching for the perfect music for your wedding? You can choose any music from all genres. Still there is a few things you should keep in mind:

Your favourite music…

A wedding is much nicer if you can listen to all the songs you love. Especially for the ceremony. We are happy to play any music title you wish to hear in your ceremony – free of additional charge. And we mean it: Feel free to choose anything from classical music to pop music.

...and your guests favourite tunes

The guests of a wedding celebration are very often from many different generations. The suitable music for a colorful mix like that should be the same – a colorful mix. We are happy to perform songs from all genres so all of your guests will have their favourite music in it. We are also happy to create an individual program for you if you tell us something about your guests. And we can often spontaneously react to the musical wishes of your guests.


Professional live music should suit the ambience

As well as clothing, also music should always suit the occasion and ambience. We have many years experience in playing the perfect music for any kind of celebration. We can assist you in finding the right program for your wedding and give you advice if you are not sure about the right program yet.

A String Quartet for your Wedding? Better rely on real Professionals.

For many years our musicians have accompanied weddings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are mobile, flexible and always absolutely reliable. We always do our very best to make our customers’ weddings an unforgettable event. If you book our string quartet for your wedding, we are there for you long before your wedding day. We are happy to give advice in any musical question and you can always reach us and speak about your ideas and plans. Having us at your wedding will be having somebody you know. Our musical experience is not based on playing for weddings only. We are professional musicians and contracted in Germany’s leading orchestras. We kept our joy for music and are always happy to exceed our audiences expectations. We know about the singularity of your wedding day and worship your trust by giving our very best. If you have any questions we are happy to advise you – free of charge and in english.

What our customers say

Your music really went to our hearts. Thank you so much!

Franzi & Michael